Code & Create Simply By Knotting!

Knotty is the most intuitive way for children experiment, create and explore with technology. Simply tie a knot to connect an input to an output and you’re ready to play! Using Knotty’s various blocks, kids can create a whole array of fun gadgets limited only by their imagination!

See it in action!

Knotty's Features

Learning Through Making

Unlike like other STEAM toys, Knotty focuses primarily on applying technology to leverage open-ended creation and experimentation, rather than educational content alone.

Six Inputs & Outputs

Knotty currently features three input and output blocks: button, shake sensor, sound sensor, LED, DC motor and buzzer. This range will continue to expand in the future.

Designed For Crafty Improv

As well as combining Knotty with common craft materials, additional straps also enable you to attach Knotty to bottles, cans or even your wrist to make a wearable!

Supporting Kids' Growth

Knotty isn’t only a way for kids to apply basic coding logic; the intuitive core interaction of Knotty also trains children’s dexterity, improving their physical development.

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